Principle- Feel what we feel with Love. Authentic allowing of the surfacing of suppressed emotion.

I am observing the global emotional body, as we traverse a mass healing crisis, that is unprecedented.

Moving emotion is imperative to the graceful unfolding through the birthing of the new earth.

We are currently processing covert anger. The pattern here revolves around ‘tell me what to do’ ‘don’t tell me what to do’. We have been under the spell of this pattern for hundreds of years, as we forfeited our capacity for self responsibility. Church and state were happy to be the ones to ‘tell us what to do’, and we were comfortable in complying. Church and state, which includes modern medicine and banking is covert anger in action. This pattern worked well as long as the majority remained unconscious to the inner workings. The diabolical process of control, and the diabolical ‘benefits’ the controllers have enjoyed.

This had it’s time.

The time is up.

Now we have to face the unconscious patterns we allowed to perpetuate. Much like letting go of a suppressive substance or activity, and finding what had build up emotionally while we were gleefully unconscious.

So here we are at the onset of a mass opening of conscious awareness.

This is a birthing.

In a comparison to the 10 centimeters the birth canal must open, we are currently in November of 2020 at approximately 2 cm.

We have a long way to go in emotional opening, and evolutionary movement.

Cognitive dissonance is at an all time high, and quiet compassion is the only response.

I feel the ones who are doing the inner work. To you the future is reliant.

As we move from covert anger to overt anger (the natural evolution) we are going to face how willing we are to be in self control. How willing we are to not harm another individual. How willing we are to forgive ourselves for participating in the program. Non projection into the environment is crucial at this level of emotion. Taking full responsibility for the rage that has built within, personally and morphogenically. Perhaps over many lifetimes. Here we are ripe for the greatest mass emotional change humanity has yet to experience.

When overt anger is released into the void with the power of transmutation we will rise to the beginnings of true and lasting change. This will take us into emotional pain, were the awareness clarifies our participation. Here we hone self forgiveness, with the side effect of compassion. 5 cm.

Community without hierarchy develops. Agendas fade into a distant memory. We act out of love for life. Victimhood is no more. Creativity in the spirit of sharing is the new joy. 7cm

Love for all life develops. 9cm

Ascension of consciousness into the loving encompassment of all that is, all that has been and all that ever will be. 10 cm

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