I’ve said it before and I will say it again. As represented by the moving sphere of what we call the Yin/Yang symbology, we can view the movement within the electromagnetic pulse that keeps alive the torroidal field. This field is found in three interconnected places within the human body that extends into the auric field. One around the solar plexus. One around the brain and one around the center of the body between the nipples in humans. These energy centers team up for a pulse that keeps the body connected to the earth and the sun.

When we look closely at how this energy moves, we see the energies ebb and flow in contraction and expansion. This also happens in consciousness. By containing emotion for example without any compulsion to project or justify we put it in a pressure cooker while we apply the powers of transmutation, hence taking us into an evolutionary maturation.

The word unity is often used to describe an end game, yet to experience true oneness of spirit, we must embrace division. It is a perfect evolutionary process of developing conscious awareness.

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