As my close friends and family can attest, I practice wholistic detoxification. This began early in life when I realized accumulated toxicity through skin issues. It was clear to me that the largest organ of elimination was doing its part in expelling unwanted poisons. I am very grateful for this. It made me pay attention to the necessity of detoxification. I employ everything from mineral salt, mustard powder and basil oil soaks, to intermittent botanical detox. I also faithfully stay hydrated with good quality water. If you are still drinking tap or well water without purification you are continuously ingesting toxicities. You may not show signs of accumulations, but guaranteed if you are living on planet earth, you are.

Brisk walking, rebounding, Hatha Yoga which includes daily Pranayam greatly assists the detox lifestlyle.

I also pay attention to emotional detox. The physical and emotional levels are closely entwined.

Learning of the healing crisis is important to the process.

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