If you have read any of my posts with the word wholistic in it, you know I speak of the cornerstones of life. Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual. Within these cornerstones, are the doorways to self healing. Every physical component carries with it the emotional, mental and spiritual. These four main aspects are intimately interconnected. In fifty plus years of Body Electronics, we know the physical is the foundation to opening the emotional doorways of change. This is done in three major ways: Nutrition, Breath, Stillness. Stillness may be one of the most important activities we choose. Completely still, with no voluntary physical movement. Spine straight. No shifting or scratching, adjusting in any way. Then breathe the three part breath (instruction in Wholistic Health Simplified-2017), this works well as a daily activity. These three simple physical principles allows for the surfacing of suppression held in the body. It may come as numbness, pain, burning..or a host of other sensations. Know that this is what is ready to be released. Now for the transmutation.  Feel what you feel- whatever physical and/or emotion surfaces. Be willing to feel- this is key. Know that this is yours to discover and release. Then while feeling what has surfaced, feel one or more of the three powers. Forgiveness, Gratitude Love. Not thinking of them as ideas…..feeling them. Gratitude can come so powerfully the tears cannot be stopped. This is the level of feeling we aspire to. This is but the beginning.

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