The Gnostic Way is a culmination of principles and practices for the rapid evolution of consciousness, individually and collectively.

I have brought together compatible teachings to create a wholistic method of physical. emotional, mental and spiritual self healing.

The word Gnostic is used to describe the internal foundation of this work; consciousness. Specifically, how we change consciousness by reducing and releasing the patterns and programs of which we may not be aware.

Much like Body Electronics, TGW has an educational process that prepares participants to give and receive sustained acupressure, in a sequence of application. Along with nutritional upgrades, the removal of suppressive substance, meditative practice, and specific breath work, we prepare ourselves to come together for group work in Intensives.

The next Intensive will be held near Nelson, British Columbia, Canada, in the Kootenay Mountains.

I am offering instructional sessions that may be individual or groups.

Here is a small booklet I put together for introductory educational preparations. Feel free to print.

Online sessions are by Donation.

In Person @ my Office in Nelson, B.C.

5 day Intensives coming in 2021!

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