I’ve been sharing what I have been given in regards to the transformation of human consciousness for 50+ years. When I say ‘given’, I am speaking of many ways in which we learn. A combination of internal and external experiences. Both natural and supernatural.

What is the rainbow race?

The rainbow refers to the light spectrum we find ourselves in, as we inhabit this planet we call Earth.

How this spectrum of light radiates through the human biome is directly resonant to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy one holds. This has fundamental qualities enhanced throughout the soul’s journey, yet may be refined in any moment.

Wholistic Health & Consciousness.

The words that resonate from the Body Electronics work I dedicated myself to for over 20 years, Love, Light & Perfection are in direct connection with the energies that transmute and continue to hold the vibration related to:

Love- transmutes the emotional body.

Light- transmutes the mental body

Perfection- the constant that holds potential energies as we evolve.

There are millions of people who have been doing the inner work on the planet today. You will know them by the energy they emit and the gifts they offer.

If you are human you are a candidate for the rainbow race. We are responsible for our personal evolutionary growth.

It isn’t easy letting go of the thoughts and emotion connected to anything less than love. This is most ideas, beliefs, habits, addictions and personas on the planet at present. Transmutation of patterns we have invested in is a courageous path.

Each transmutation (permanent change of consciousness) allows more light through. Greater awareness is a side effect. Eventually we enter a zenith point from where the evolutionary progression accelerates.

From here the rainbow race radiates in the body on the earth. This is viewed by the other than terrestrial beings that are currently observing us.

Getting ourselves out of the way, allowing the ‘Christed Light’.

One transmutation at a time.

Imagine us living without deception and denial, our actions reflecting all that is in harmony with natural law.

Love Truth= Freedom

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