The electromagnetic spectrum of light is an interplay of giving and receiving. This is naturally present within the human body, the earth, and all living beings.

See the bottom of the page for a meditation on the human, earth, sun connection.

The patterns around giving and receiving are many.  We can witness patterns of thought in communications, both internally and with language.

The evolution of thought is based on the emotional level and access (awareness) of the mental body.

At a certain point within the transmutation process within the emotional body we may become aware of a pattern of thought I call the cheque and balance in regards to giving and receiving.

This is commonly practiced in modern society, within family, community, country etc. It is the idea that we keep a mental tally of who what and how one gave to another- with the balance being when and how we receive the equivalent in return.

When we reach a certain level of clarity (awareness) we see this differently. We begin to give as a natural extension of ourselves, with no thought of return.

We increasingly know natural law, and how it plays out in this earthly realm.  This may be practiced as we evolve consciously up through the emotional body- eventually reaching the place of natural appropriate giving and receiving, minus the patterns that held us in a perpetuating loop.

With no strings attached, we enter into unconditional giving and receiving in appropriate measure.

Integrity, fair and honest exchange.

By transmuting patterns we see the compulsive service/co- dependent actions fall away.

As discernment matures, the knowingness of appropriate action increases. 

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