Moving from creating with brain power, to the singularity.

The brain has an electomagnetic field that is primarily fueled by the endocrine glands. It runs on a dualistic format.

Hormonal balance is necessary for the optimal electrical connection of endocrine function. This fuels a delicate and complex system. Our endocrine glands make up what is thought of in metaphysical circles as the chakras. Also understood as the emotional body centers. We know the body moves energy from the bottom up; reproductive to brain. To maintain hormonal health, we require mineral and enzyme sufficiency. I have written at length on this in Wholistic Health Made Easy.

When the brain has reached endocrine health, consciousness has the capacity to move into singularity. The brain up to this point, manages through dualistic thought, with its need to survive. Much like breathing. When we have traversed the emotional evolution required to reach the pineal opening, we discover opportunities to create in the singularity. This is evident by the clarity of the inner visual experience.

Oneness, non dualistic creation.

Creation into the singularity becomes clearer as we move though higher emotion. I call it the universal fail safe.

Allowing our creative process to become increasingly conscious as we merge with the glue that creates all things.


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