A great deal of my work and writings focus on waking up consciousness into a rapid evolutionary process.

This begins in the physical. I have written and self published a small book on the practical beginnings of wholistic health. Simply titled Wholistic Health Made Easy. This title is an inspiration to begin the healing path. It doesn’t mean that is it always easy, because it certainly is not. If it was more people would be doing it. Yet our conscious evolution that may only occur within requires we do what we are willing. Let it be a choosing. By this I mean let the transmutation be a practice in daily life.

Not forced change.

This is why I continue to teach.

Spiritual aspects of my work is mostly given orally as it was given to me. There are reasons for this. Mostly, the gifts and stories of spirit are intimately sacred. The energy has to be just right for these sharings.

Time that I have spent with my teachers over the past 60+ years in this body as well as memory of other times with teachers have been intrinsically precious. Many of these times were spontaneous, organized by the universal energies of synchronicity. In sync, with Oneness, although I didn’t know it at the time. It was mostly in retrospect that I realized the importance of certain meetings, ceremonies and stories.

The great energy that binds, creates and uncreates.

In wonder of these moments of life, I see common threads; an openness, an asking, a willingness to receive. Eventually with great temperance a willingness to give.

The natural world gives direction when carefully considered.

The oneness often works through the winged ones, the four legged, even the stone beings.

Simple moments of gratitude can bring one into the moment of synchronicity. The ideas around offerings come from this.

A small offering of smoke with gratitude is enough. Some of my teachers showed me how to use plants, stones words in a sacred way

Healing begins within.

Heal what awareness brings to the attention, and keep on healing..eventually you will be asked to assist others.

All beings have access to the three powers..find it within.

Forgiveness, Gratitude and what is called Love.

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