We meet in the fractality (movement of consciousness )of what we call heart in conscious realization of the power present in the center of the human body.

The hormonal/emotional connections to the seven major energy vortices, run though the endocrine glands from gonads to pineal. When all seven have been sufficiently transmuted, we naturally drop down into the center of the body. From here, what we may term heart is the access point of cosmic giving and receiving.

Here we envision/feel the unity of all life.

There are no short cuts to this. The Universal ‘fail safe’ will not allow it.

This natural process is consciousness surrendering freely to itself.

We may call this free will. The choice to freely accept the power of the Holy Center.

The uncorruptable.

Facing, becoming aware of the accumulated pain that resonates with the pituitary is the breaking point. This opens conscious awareness when transmuted, to the enthusiastic knowing of the pineal. Still resonating with the binary system, it is here we make the grand leap in the choice to drop down into the Christed Light of Heart.

From here we are Living From Within.

The Knowing.

If you are determined, nothing can keep you from It.

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