We may already know and practice the generosity of spirit. This means we have tapped into the unlimited essence of our source energy. There is much to learn in how this plays out in the unconscious practices in human exchange.

Discernment is honed by practice.

As we engage in the conscious unraveling of what we have created on earth, we see the fundamental qualities of giving and receiving. I see the YinYang moving sphere as a perfect example of the interconnectedness of these energies.

I love to give. I love to receive.

Yet we must engage our temperance to both.

Invitations as an example. I have received invitations that were either not appropriate or wrought with hidden agenda. We are each responsible for what we give and what we receive.

In emotional resonance our ability to ‘see’ from other’s perspective develops in pain.

I remember from Doug Morrison’s lectures “a three year old giving his mother a train set for Christmas”. A great example of undeveloped, lacking discernment, giving.

Those of us who are expanding our present state of awareness through consciousness change, are faced with the lessons inherent in each foundational duality.

As we embrace, love and release pain, we gain ever deepening insight, compassion and appropriate response.

It is beautiful.

Lake Huron 2018

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