On Zero Ohms Resistance

It is now August 2005, and I am still in process of the uprooting of aspects of myself, that is a result of events that took place at the recent Visualization and Consciousness course that I attended for four weeks in June/July of this year. 
 First I will share how I began my journey with Body Electronics. In late 1999 a friend came to my area asking me to host an evening on “ the most powerful healing technique in the world.” I agreed but with the firm belief that I was not interested. I had been studying Ayurveda for many years, had just opened a practice, and the idea of beginning something new was not something I had considered. So I invited a group of ‘wholistic minded’ people from the community for ‘an evening on Body Electronics. I remember the moment, in the kitchen preparing tea, when I heard John’s voice on the videotape in the next room. Something opened up within me, you could say, my heart. That moment set my life on a new course.  And SO, I ate, slept and breathed Body Electronics. I spent all my spare time watching BE videos, reading John’s books, and preparing myself nutritionally, giving up a few “bad” habits for the upcoming Instructors seminar John had agreed to give in Canada that year. Many nights I would have dreams were John was answering questions that would arise, or giving me teachings on subjects not yet thought of. A heart connection with John Ray, continues to inspire and encourage me to continue through healing crisis after healing crisis, and to teach and share. Before John left his body, I wrote him a letter of commitment to service, that I to the best of my abilities, do my part to continue the teachings of Body Electronics.  Weeks later, on April 21, 2001, John passed, he was 66 years old. John came every night in dreamtime, and I could hear his voice while awake. He said over and over “you have to go to Doug”.  Doug had been in New Zealand for a few years as John had spent the last years of his life on Raratonga, Cook Is, and taught extensively in New Zealand.  Doug moved back to the U.S., so I went to Doug. I spent over fifty weeks in Body Electronics seminars, including two full Instructors, of five weeks each and one four week Visualization and Consciousness Course (V&C). I received 6 Cranials and gave 7. Cranial Electronics is part of the Instructor’s training. My life evolved/revolved around the teachings of Body Electronics, and i changed..and changed some more. 

 This leads to the purpose of this writing, which is to describe my experience of Zero Ohms Resistance, measured four times during the recent Visualization and Consciousness Course. The first ZOR was measured on June 30, 2005, for approximately 45-50 seconds, I experienced Zero Ohms Resistance as measured by a Galvanic Skin Response Meter. My facilitator that day was Jeff Schofield, to whom I am thankful for his dedicated effort to consciousness change that day, throughout the seminar and in his daily life. The disciplines in the V&C are focused on the mental body. This advanced course was open to B.E. Instructor’s. All of us had been through the entire pointholding flow sheet over several years, and had at least 2 cranials under our belt.

On the day of the first recorded zero ohms resistance. 

A physical pressure in the solar plexus was growing, something I felt I couldn’t contain. This grew upward into my chest and eventually into my throat. I remarked to my facilitator, “ I feel like there is a volcano inside me.” He replied jokingly, “Let me know when you’re going to blow.” I stayed with the overwhelming feelings that were both intensely physical and emotional. This seemed beyond my CONTROL, I could only ALLOW-  surrender. The pressure grew to a point I felt I could contain IT no longer, at that point I LET GO- physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. All physical/emotional/mental pressure released and Zero Ohms Resistance was experienced for approximately 45-50 seconds. During this time I felt a gentle breeze that felt like a warm breath pass through me and around me from the feet upward through and out my head. It was a very subtle vibration. I became aware of the Presence of other Beings….many Beautiful Loving Beings…and although we didn’t speak in words, there was complete understanding of communication. I was aware of this expanded realm and still completely aware of the physical realm of the body simultaneously. A thought came that I may be leaving the body. Instant transmutation occurred as this was realized encompassed and released. I became overwhelmed with JOY, Love.

A BREATH of VIBRATION moved through and around me that felt EXQUISITE.

I began to ‘register’ again on the Meter. In afterthought of the experience……if it could be described in words they would be simply, “ALL IS WELL”. Minutes later I went into a healing crisis of simultaneous endothermic/exothermic reaction that came in two waves. I experienced extreme fear/terror, a strong vibration, burning from head to toe, yet at the same time throwing off extreme cold, experienced by people that were in the room. At several points I wasn’t sure if this was going to be the end of this life. I was experiencing anatomic change. Again and again and again, I surrendered to whatever. I experienced ZOR a total of four times during that V&C. My life CHANGED, as consciousness had changed. Thoughts, even fleeting became physical in very little time…….if I wrote something down, immediate manifestation……I worked though level after level of fear….fearful of my ‘newly uncovered awareness’. Eventually in deep humility, and a lot of application of transmutation, life began to blossom……the fear gradually released (with a lot of effort).

 Deep gratitude to Douglas Morrison , for over twenty years of Service to humanity through teaching Body Electronics, Cranial Electronics and V&C’s. Thank you John Ray for accessing and developing a method we call Body Electronics, so we may access and release our resistance patterns, and all be of service to ourselves and eventually to humanity and beyond.

Swami Sri Yukteshwar; 
Excerpts of Sutra 9; ‘Then he perceives the manifestations of Spirit 
and passes through the seven Patala Lokas, or centres in the spine, beholding the seven Rishi…The seven stars within seven centres…
Hence the aforesaid astral form with its electricities  
and poles, the seven parts thereof, has been described as a sealed casket of knowledge, a book with seven seals.
Today. July 5, 2010 five years has passed since the ZOR was recorded. This is a brief summation of my feelings today.
 I wondered why the energy, atomic change came from the bottom up around the ZOR experience, I now know it is the law of the universe for ALL to come through the body from Earth (elements) with sufficient transmutation of emotional and mental resistance. It is then we may  embrace/encompass the expanded aspects-  and move forward into the integration, HARMONY of these qualities from the top down. 
 Kundalini (Earth Energy) moves upward wherein (Universal Energy) moves through us from the top down. When pathways are cleared these energies naturally meld forming ONE ENERGY.
ZOR was experienced because of extreme willingness to Observe, Receive, Re-experience and Release anything less than LOVE. ORRR
 And so I continue.
 Writing from Douglas Morrison

“To Whom It May Concern,

Illia has been studying Body Electronics with great dedication since attending her first BE seminar with me in January 2002. Over the next several years, Illia attended over fifty weeks of BE seminars with me. This included attendance at two complete BE Instructors seminars of five weeks duration each, as well as numerous BE Intensives. At my invitation, Illia has also assisted me in teaching several BE Intensives. Illia has also been active for the past few years teaching BE seminars to enthusiastic participants internationally. Illia also attended the four week Visualization & Consciousness seminar in 2005.  While in attendance at this advanced seminar, Illia had the experience of reaching zero ohms resistance, as measured by a sensitive galvanometer, a total of four times. This took place on two different days, and was witnessed by two separate facilitators. This is a significant milestone that has, to my knowledge, been reached by only a handful of people involved with BE over the years. For those interested in learning Body Electronics under the expert guidance of a dedicated and compassionate Instructor, allow me to highly recommend that you study with Illia Heart.”

Yours in Health,

Douglas W. Morrison  -Author of How We Heal

New Cumberland, Pennsylvania, October 1, 2006

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