UNCONSCIOUSNESS- Level 7- Gonads (testes in men, ovaries in women). All or nothing mentality. Lack of awareness.

Words- all, everything, nothing, best, worst, good, evil, everyone…

APATHY- Level 6- Spleen. Denial and justification consciousness.

‘I can’t, who cares…

GRIEF- Level 5- Pancreas/ Adrenals. Victim Consciousness.

why me, poor me…

FEAR- Level 4- Thymus/ Heart . Security consciousness.

‘let me out

ANGER- Level 3- Thyroid/ Parathyroid. My way/ power and control consciousness.

‘get out..

PAINLevel 2- Pituitary. Here we begin to see both sides of the duality, in the transmutation process we develop compassion as we release the identification with the side we chose to attach our judgement to, and see the other side(s).

‘it hurts’

ENTHUSIASM – Pineal. Level 1- This is where the mental body is reached, duality is viewed and encompassment applied (love) in all seven levels. When the mental body is accessed at the level of grief for example, it may be fleeting and visuals as still shots or black and white. We take what we get and apply the violet flame to transmute from wherever we are. In anger the visuals become colour and full sensory motion picture. Remember to stay in the body at this point (not observing ones self). Also, this is where the violet flame that resides in the pineal gland may be accessed. When we refer to ‘light’, it is this violet light that is the transmuting power of the mental body. The emotional laws still apply- the three powers- in addition to the violet fire of transmutation. This appears dull and fleeting in the lower emotions or we may not be aware of it at all. Here is were disciplines of stillness and breath, are helpful in the development of accessing the higher power. Nutrition (all physical activity) plays a key role as we must have a functioning endocrine system for the pineal to open sufficiently to allow the light to activate. From here we direct light accordingly.

Word Patterns from The Body Electronics Experience

Word patterns are the words encoded within the crystal, most often, simple and short.

Examples- “I don’t know” Unconsciousness.

” What is the point” Apathy,

“This always happens to me” Grief,

“I have to get out of here” Fear.

“I have to be in control” Anger.

“I wish we did not suffer” Pain.

“I AM free” Enthusiasm.

When found, we begin by intensifying externally increasing volume if necessary.  It usually requires persistent external expression, to increase intensity. When the outward expression (venting) has completed, then repeat internally intensifying by containing.

Affirmations/decrees are not word patterns.

In fact this adds another layer to undo. If the person on the table is speaking what is considered an affirmation, such as ‘I am a being of light’…this is blocking the process of transmutation, by overlaying (like putting a wet blanket on a fire) upon that which is to come forth and be released.

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