In Body Electronics we discover one of humanities creative principles: words/vibration. Energy is translated into words from patterns of thought. They are present at the core of our resistance. They come with emotion and sensory memory. Let’s look and see how we resonate and perpetuate our life according to this one word pattern.

Tell me what to do/ Don’t tell me what to do.

 Let’s look at where this pattern exists in the scale of emotion. 

  If you read How We Heal, by Douglas Morrison, Logic In Sequence ( in order), as well as The Body Electronics Experience this video and the others on my youtube channel will be better understood.

Let’s look further into anger.  It sits at level 3 within the 7 main levels.

Level 7- Unconsciousness

Level 6- Apathy

Level 5- Grief

Level 4- Fear

Level 3- Anger

Level 2- Pain

Level 1- Enthusiasm (love)

At level seven we have unconscious anger, it exists yet we have very little or no awareness of it. Level 6 we have apathetic anger, with slight awareness without the care to do anything about it. The 5th level is grief. Here we are becoming much more aware of our own anger yet attempt to make it everyone’s fault- blame. At the 4th level of fear we have a crossroads of taking personal responsibility.

Then comes 3, the angry level of anger. We get here through the dedicated efforts of inner work. If we make it to level 3 we have really worked hard in the emotional transmutation process. What do we find here in level 3? Issues of power and control.

How willing are we to be in control, or out of control?

 The transmutation bar raises as we move upscale.

How willing are we to be in our own natural power.

The power of mind. The power of heart. The molecular power we are all capable of. Upon the transmutation of lower levels of anger, we see lesser forms of power and control reflected in outward activity. In level 3 we see our own P&C, how we have abused and denied it. We get to delve deep in self forgiveness. It is here true humility takes root. When we move into the painful level of anger, we have opportunity to encompass all below it in the principles of Love- Forgiveness- Gratitude. Here we begin to really see both sides of duality clearly as we pop into level 2.


 Unconscious pain, apathetic pain, griefy pain, fearful pain, angry pain, and painful pain. Be aware of emotional looping. Looking for an external reason/justification to go downscale into anger, guilt, apathy, whatever. Encompassing with the energy with ‘the three powers‘ allows for upscale emotional movement and access to the mental body. Here the principles of Light apply. See How We Heal (in print), The Body Electronics Experience and B.E Vids provided on this site. The transmutation rules change. The emotional body becomes more fluid as resistance is released. This is not to say we do not experience the vast scale of emotion. With practice and experience we gain greater awareness, than allows for quicker action to apply the transmutation principles. 

As above- So below.

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