In July of 2019, I was visiting my sons in Southwest Ontario, Canada. On a beautiful clear morning I was enjoying sunrise outside with my coffee at the back of the house. All was quiet except for the birds. Suddenly I heard a unfamiliar sound. Around the corner of the house came a bolting young deer. It ran past me only a couple feet away. I thought, ‘I wonder why it is running so fast? With that thought..a reddish blur ran past. In a moment of reaction I jumped up and loudly clapped my hands. The blur slid on her brakes (i think it was an alpha female), looping around in a circle to her left, came back around to face me. We starred at each other directly in the eyes from approximately 5 feet, I in my chair. What a beauty, what a strength. So, knowing this, I surrendered to the moment. We stayed in locked stare for at least one minute..yet this seemed longer. Neither of us moving a muscle. Then she kind of jumped from the front quarters, a burst of energy to be on her way. Down the hill she ran to the edge of the bush where the deer had made its way. She did a long looping figure eight back and forth, back and forth..until I heard the screams of the deer, which only took about three or four minutes. Later, discussing it with a local farmer, who said ‘she would have been giving a hunting lesson to her pups, there have been two packs of red timber wolves sighted’. I heard them barking later, not like dogs, much more clear communications. There were at least three pups and three adults. That night was the full moon, and they sung. I had not felt a kinship with wolves, or wolf medicine until that day, even though I have had long term companionship with dogs. Grateful for them to be back on this land where I spent a lot of my life.

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