How invested are we in hate? How is hate projected into the world? What can we do about it?

I have repeatedly written and spoken about the simple principle ‘feel what you feel with love’. Here is another level.

When we find a memory, emotion and word pattern simultaneously (this is the first stage of transmutation adeptness), apply one or more of the three powers. Resistance is often extreme enough to be a barrier to the the transmutation process. Where do we go from here?

See how you really feel about it!

Often the feeling of hate comes to surface, with correlating words; “i hate it”.

Here we enthusiastically feel and intensify the hate. When we have reached capacity, we then feel how much we can love the hate. From here we release the core of the resistance.

A great paradox; through hate we may love. Non projection into the environment is imperative to change of consciousness, throughout the three stages of suppression, venting and control.

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