How do we develop will power? Where does it come from? How do we apply it?

Will power has many ideas and beliefs surrounding it.

As a child I was scolded and punished for having a ‘strong will’. I internalized this as believing it was a ‘bad’ thing. As I matured and discovered many esoteric teachings, I saw the Will to be a powerful tool, developed through discipline. As a very small child I was having cosmic multidimensional experiences.

It is a focused will that can lead one to spirit gaining broader understandings.

What was interesting in terms of practicing developed will, was the sorting of how, when and with whom to use it.

This comes clearer with temperance, conscience and emotional clarity. Also developed through practice of transmutation.

As a young person, I saw the internal CHI/KI as a silver/violet fire. This fire could move through the entire pranic system, both independently and directed.

It moved from the bottom up, fueled by energy coming from the earth. These energies are directly connected to the physical realm.

Here we discover how to apply this power effectively.

Will power has no judgement. The consciousness behind it decides how to use it. But, cause and effect are natures law, and as applied, so shall one reap.

From here we learn the Will’s Beauty.

How is Will developed?

Begin with perfect stillness in body.

Add deep and even breathing.

Transmute emotion of accumulations. Feel what we feel with love, forgiveness and gratitude.

From here, we apply Will according to inner guidance.

It is a maturation. Learning from truth and love, producing correct and useful action.

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