Lovingly and Willingly Endure All Things

I observe, I participate appropriately.

This principle is especially necessary if you are observing your outer reality as a trigger to transmute. I am consistently aware of words that are being spoken, either by me or others. Words can give us insight/openings into the inner work.

Transmutation Principle- Feel what we feel WITH love (forgiveness, gratitude).

Willingness to feel. Willingness to increase the feeling. Willingness to experience it indefinitely. Easier said than done.

***What you are triggered by may be in exact or close resonance to a pattern you hold.

***What triggers you may be in exact or close OPPOSITE resonance to a pattern you hold.

***The trigger may be a small amount of resonance still present of either of the above.

Lets look at an example.

If we interact with someone who we see/feel as elitist/superior and we recognize a emotional response either physically, (tightening of the stomach, shoulder raised etc.) and/or feel an emotion surface, we know there is something within us to transmute. In this pattern, observe the emotion, thought, words and memory around inferiority. Here we find both sides of a thought pattern, where transmutation can be effected.

Another approach to consciousness change is to remain aware and alert to the inner surfacing of thought, word and emotion internally, applying principles prior to manifestation.

Let’s look at the Yang/Yin electromagnetic balance in relation to consciousness and it’s creation (outer reality). The mental body is outside of time and space, as is Spirit. This is where we create with the Yang essence. Albeit, greatly unconsciously. From the mental body, emotion is formed. From here we download into the molecular structures creating the physical hologram. This is the wholistic construct of creation.

Learning how to uncreate is a conscious practice, encouraging degeneration (HC), whereby regeneration is a natural side effect.

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Here is some of what Doug has to say in How We Heal on hologramic principles.

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