Spring Equinox- 2021

This morning at approximately 2:37 AM we reached Spring Equinox here in the Northern hemisphere.

Blessings on this day.

This is the final day of Template 1- WHOLISTIC FAST.

I begun these writings on inspiration. Not knowing each day what was to come. In retrospect in it’s conclusion, I see Template 1 as an entrance to conscious healing crisis. From here great change occurs.

Over the next days I will review, edit and add to the 43 days.

On Friday, April 2, I will begin a second Template. Again, it will be an energetic free flow.

For today, there is nothing to do but Celebrate Life.

Love to all who have willingly participated in their own Healing Crisis, clearing internal pathways of receptivity in order to give. It is in the unadulterated giving and receiving we experience the beauty of what the Equinox reflects on this day.

Spring Equinox. Maui

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