The Word

Language is the translation of thought and emotion into word. Herein lies programs and patterns wrought with resistance (judgement). As transmutation progresses we see more levels for refinement. The way in which we communicate, or not, shows us where to begin .

Within language is the power of creation. Vibration creates sound.

To be simultaneously aware of the internal and external mental and emotional activity translated into words, gives us a spring board of opportunity for transmutation.

A refining of our words, brings awareness to the necessity of honesty.

Being True to the Word.

Universal energy naturally supports the word, when the consciousness behind it speaks with integrity, honesty and compassion.

Self correction, sometimes requires us to verbally correct a statement made with those involved.

The three main creative aspects for transmutation are; thought, word and emotion.

When seeking these three internally, one leads to another. Eventually we find all three components. Holding them simultaneously, is the perfect medium for rapid transmutation.

  1. Memory
  2. Emotion
  3. Word pattern

Sabe or Bigfoot is the Ojibwe representation of Honesty.

To be honest is to be present.

This is where we find the willingness to move the trapped energies of resistance, which is anything less than love.

To be honest is to feel WHAT we feel willingly, WITH Love, Forgiveness and Gratitude.

If we feel hate, feel it intensely and see how much we can love how it feels. This is a internal process. Keep it contained without projection.

Beyond words, there is a clear field for energetic communications, telepathy, sound vibration and prayer with vision.

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