Connecting with the Earth

We first must receive in order to give.

Earth is conscious and is aware of every living being in the earthly plane. Through Spirit we connect with Earth. We open to this natural connection by making time to the awareness of it. This is best done outside, alone, in a quiet environment.

By sitting silently and still upon the earth, listening both inside and out, we align ourselves with the earth’s magnetic field. Sometimes inspirations come, vision, and sound. In my experience this has come when I have least expected it.

I am being inspired to do a road trip to clear my field, and make time to deeply connect with Earth, following the completion of this Fast. I will post a visual record and some follow up posts prior to going into WHOLISTIC FAST Phase 2.

For now, I am concentrating my efforts on the H.C., and remaining as conscious as possible to the Earth’s energies flowing through me. Drunvalo’s Unity meditation is helpful to get started. The mask he speaks of is for the eyes.

This is a time of great change, as prophesied for hundreds of years. The conscious connection to Earth and Sun aligns the energy to flow naturally in through and around us, freely with Love. This connection grows as we continue to open to deeper awareness. Transmutation of the emotional body increases.

To be wholistically healthy is serving this change, both personally and morphogenically.

Sanctification is an awareness of the oneness of all life. This isn’t theoretical. This is a state of consciousness we experience when the physical, emotional and mental pathways are cleared well enough, by love for love.

The following is from The Pink Book. Feel free to download and print my books, as well as Logic in Sequence, of which are out of print.

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