Sexual Detoxification

During a Healing Crisis, one of the first physical responses is the awareness of sexual energy as the unconsciousness unlocks its hold on the gonads. This is not the time to engage another in sexual expression. This is the time to unravel and release sexual programs, trauma, addiction, shame etc. out of unconscious emotion.

Sexual Energy In HC

Upon activation of the Healing Crisis at the level of unconsciousness (where HC begins) hyperactivity of the gonads occurs. Remember this occurs in unconsciousness at every new level of emotion in the seven times seven. With each level the awareness increases.

This hyperactivity of unconsciousness may be experienced as sexual stimulation.  This in turn induces hormonal stimulation. Here it is important to remember lymphatic enzymes (high in protease). See 12 Points on Enzymes in The Body Electronics Experience.

 We acknowledge the hyperactivity within the healing crisis in unconsciousness/gonads the same way we experience hyperactivity in all of the emotional levels, thyroid/anger, pancreas/grief, heart,thymus/fear, spleen/apathy, pituitary/pain, pineal/enthusiasm. Be alert to the H.C. in the moments it presents. Apply transmutation before projecting it outward into the field. There will be a relative level of balance experienced from a more sexually aware (loving) perspective after the Healing Crisis has been worked with.  Individually and collectively we hold sexual trauma. It is prudent to work with the associated memory, words and emotion related to our sexuality.

 Sexual energy holds a strong electro-magnetic force, with patterns (unconscious desire to procreate/survive), combined with unconscious layers of resistance.

Over the years of actively allowing unconsciousness to surface for the purpose of transmutation, I found practicing pranayam (discipline of breath) effective in moving energies upward through the spinal centers. Specifically alternate nostril breathing which creates a balancing in the Ida/Pingala. Not to suppress but to strengthen the spinal electromagnetic movements. This assists in working through layers of emotional/mental patterns that present.

Alternate nostril breathing~
Rest thumbs on either side of nostrils, with the
third fingers touching slightly at top of head.
Press right thumb on nostril and breathe deeply
and evenly through left nostril while counting slowly to 7.

Press thumbs gently on both nostrils and hold breath
while counting to 7.

Release thumb from right
nostril and exhale evenly while counting to 7,
Pull abdomen in at the end of the exhale.

Do not pause at end of exhalation

Go directly into inhalation.

Inhale through right nostril to 7.
Press right thumb, hold breath to a count of 7,
release left thumb and exhale from left nostril.
Breathe in left nostril at a count of 7.

Twelve rounds practiced twice daily.

Count one round each time you inhale from right nostril. At the
end of the twelfth inhalation through right nostril,

release pressure on both nostrils and exhale
completely through both nostrils.

Breathe deeply through both nostrils, exhaling completely x 12.

This assists in expanding awareness with the release of emotional resistance that is held in regards to sexuality. Self forgiveness to how we interact with sexual trauma is paramount. This world has 2 main programs effected society, sex and money. Transmute the patterns and programs in regards to these, and we have moved out a tremendous amount of incapacitating energy.

There are 33 vertebrae in the human spine. By opening the emotional centers though the spine, the nervous system is fed. With transmutation of patterns found, regeneration occurs.

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