Wholistic Detoxification

This initiative has its roots in wholistic detoxification. To let go of ‘things’ that cloud awareness, we naturally create a snowball effect of consciousness change. As we move through layers upon layers of suppression, the natural side effect is increased awareness.

Restoring our natural state of awareness means facing what we once suppressed. As greater awareness surfaces, we get to see the many ways in which we resisted life.

This is not easy. No one can do it for us. This process can be shown, yet each of us has to navigate our own ascension of consciousness.

In the first few days of the WF, I spoke on physical substance to systematically remove, while adding what the body requires for detoxification and regeneration.

This clears some of the bio-chemical cloud on consciousness, allowing emotion to come forth. Being present in a willing and loving state to the forthcoming emotion takes practice. There is a mass morphogenic belief that emotion is either positive or negative. This programmed the mind to immediately judge emotion as it rises. To be present, lovingly and willingly, keeps judgement from further suppressing authentic emotion. By feeling without projection, we consciously contain the emotional energy. Transmutation (permanent change of consciousness) can then happen here.

As we become more emotionally conscious, pain is eventually felt.

Welcome it. Enjoy it. Love it.

From emotional pain the mental body opens to reveal the attachment we allowed in our individual creation process.


From here the capacity to love, to forgive, to be grateful increases exponentially.

As we enthusiastically love surfacing emotion in the everpresent now, we experience increased creativity.

Let creative inspiration flourish.

Plant a garden. These photos are from gardens past.

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