Spiritual Awareness

The four cornerstones of wholistic life, is a construct of our living light spectrum here on planet earth.

Spiritual awareness occurs when the endocrine system is functioning well. Here is the reason for beginning with physical principles, then emotion, then mental. When you study the endocrine system and how it boots up from the bottom up, gonads to pineal, we may then be inspired to do everything in our power to do so.

Here I will remind how important enzymes, minerals (trace), probiotics, raw protein, and EFA’s are in the healing crisis process.

As we upgrade the physical capacity, what may be seen as spiritual awareness occurs.

Clairvoyance- The inner vision is restored.

Clairaudience- The inner sounds are heard.

Clairsentience- Awareness through feeling.

OmniscienceThe ability to be aware of the inner knowing.

To look at inner knowing further;

In my experience, the pineal opens sequentially which allows spiritual awareness to increase. This has nothing to do with belief, dogma or spiritual ideas.

Omniscience is our individual awareness of the direct connection all living beings hold, firstly within this living light spectrum of earth and sun. This realization is occasionally and temporarily increased outside of this fractal light spectrum. Other dimensional awareness. To experience expanded light fractality, then to anchor this in the physical body, is spiritual adeptness.

The wholistic construct that this FAST is presenting, offers the template to upgrade the electrical capacity for increased spiritual awareness. Consciousness rising.

In this perfect wholistic light quotient, evolution and ascending consciousness occurs to the degree of self responsibility, willingness, efforts and action.

Fueled by the capacity to love, forgive, be grateful, humble to oneself.

To be open to greater capacities no matter how uncomfortable this presents.

Below is the ‘tubes of light’ as described by Drunvalo Melchizedek. Minus is left hand, plus is right. By holding your hands simultaneously at the edge of the light energy your endocrine exudes, we feel while visualizing them to clear, straighten and remain perfect conduits, within the hallowed sphere. For me the tubes were the colour of lightening, until the heart center was being consciously accessed. At that point the energy of the sphere moved to golden light. Holding increasing light quotient, requires consistency in body, emotion, thought and deed. This is conscious spirituality.

If you are reading this, I assume you have deleted fluorite, aluminum cookware, all things that are found that calcifies the pineal gland.

When we have cleared enough physical, emotional and mental blockages, cleared the inner vision, it is then time to look at moving the attention from the pineal (where we create with a dualistic/binary system) to the center of the body. That which we may call ‘heart’. Here oneness, non polarity creation exists. Unconditional love exists here.

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