Each new day of the fast builds on the previous. If you click on the pink links you will discover more depth.

In Nature’s perfection we look back to see where we are going. See the video below on what is called the Fibanacci sequence.

The Golden Ratio to the Torroidal field and the human MerKaBa. It is important to realize Nature’s perfection inherent within.



Yesterday we spoke about water. Dr. Masaru and Kazuko Emoto’s work on water consciousness is inspirational for the cause and effect we experience through the element of water. In the early 2000’s I heard Masaru speak for the first time, through a translator. His wife, Kazuko elegantly managed the entire presentation. I went on to support his work he called HADO. This got me an invitation to a intimate gathering out in the country in Ontario, Canada where we enjoyed some moments on a cool night looking at the stars and smiling to each other. Many more times of meeting we had before his passing. Mt. Shasta and then at a Ceremony in Oregon with Grandmother Agnes. Those were precious times.

From awareness of water both inside and out we move forward.

Water is a necessary creation element in this BIOSPHERE we call EARTH.

Make WATER the foundation for the fast.

Drink sufficient amounts of the best quality water you can find.

In the coming days we shall release, reduce and remove foods, drink and substance that are not evolutionary.

Simple test, if it suppresses physical regenerative process, if it suppresses emotion, if it shrouds clear thought, if it disconnects from our inner guidance, our conscience then it is involutionary.

Remove toxic hygiene products and toxic cleaning products.

This is the time to clean out the fridge, cupboards and closets. Literally, metaphorically and metaphysically.

Suppressed emotion will rise as we let go of substances that have held emotion behind the curtain of awareness. Keep the ‘three powers close’.

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