Self Medicating

The unconscious pattern to suppress stress and
emotion can stimulate the compulsion to self medicate.

Any ingested substance, habit or behavior that causes suppression is self medicating. When it is habitual, impairing one’s ability to be responsible (able to respond freely) we have created addiction. This comes with biochemical, hormonal, and electrical impairment.

It is reasonable to say every person is working with some level of self medication. There are socially acceptable, modernly encouraged, profiteering, insidiously justified forms of self medication. Comparing yourself to someone else’s experience can be debilitating and addictive.

To move into greater awareness, higher consciousness, we must individually address the ways in which we actively suppress our responses to life.

This Wholistic Fast is based in consciousness change.

Realization, gradual or abrupt continues to unfold with effort and application of principles.

Being aware of the many ways we self medicate is a humbling and challenging process.

From this awareness we can make change.

Sugar, alcohol, sugar substitutes, corn and beet derived sweeteners, glucose, fructose, plus other chemically derived product to capture our palate, are added to foods en mass. Manipulation of food products, designed with full knowledge of addictive response, is practiced by fast food entities around the world.

Feed the body what it requires to be vital. Reducing/removing the above, is assisted by increased probiotics. Parasites/fungi and yeasts feed on sugars. See WHOLISTIC FAST DAY 5.

Every effort made to decrease debilitating substance, while replacing it with invigorating food, results in an increased capacity to continue. As with all levels of the HC, it may feel worse before getting better, yet is well worth the effort.

From How We Heal, by Douglas Morrison

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