Wholistic Intuition

The purpose of this fast is to get wholistically clear enough to be aware of and connect with our internal awareness, where intuition resides. We may refer to this as ‘the heart’. In Drunvalo’s teachings, he gives us methods to practice ‘getting into the heart’. The picture below is misleading as this is not the MerKaBa meditation. It is a ‘Unity meditation. Steps to inner awareness.

When we listen to our body during Healing Crisis, in regards to what to eat for example, we will often receive compulsive reactions rather than clarity. Kinesiology (muscle testing) was removed from the work of Body Electronics, when it was discovered that the method tests opposite during H.C.

There are reasons for these mixed messages. Biochemical addiction, cravings may be misinterpreted by the body as needing something.

Emotional override happens when we give way to mental justification.

During the Healing Crisis, the body is in a state of chaos prior to coherence. At this time, listening to the body as a guide will be inaccurate at best.

Following a successful HC, we are naturally at a relative level of balance, further emotionally upscale, with greater awareness and clarity. From here we feel into what the body wants and doesn’t want. Wholistic Intuition. Increased discernment. This is an ongoing process of clarification. The dance of life.

Thank you Doug Morrison for the in depth indexes in How We Heal!

Doug Morrison and I when we worked together in New Cumberland, PA 2005.

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