Wholistic Transcendence

At this point in the fast we are getting familiar with the ways in which the Healing Crisis emerges. By removing influence that hinders and suppress, we gradually unearth what was stored unconsciously. Then by adding what encourages the HC to increase and continue, along with active participation in the transmutation process, we experience upward emotional movement.

Emotion makes its presence known.

Here we have opportunity to make great change. Be willing to feel what comes forth. It is in the willingness to feel, that the awareness is made greater. From this intensified feeling, see how much you can love it. Love hate, disappointment, fear, rage, shame, apathy, pain, frustration, whatever surfaces. Allow the release. If we harbor a feeling of transmuting for the sake of making it go away, it may, yet will return in due time.

 Emotional Body Construct

 Seven energy centers within the human body correspond to physical organs. These centers are where the emotional body concentrates its energy.

 Each emotional center contains all seven levels of emotion, nested in spheres equaling 49- 7×7.

The awareness of emotional levels increases exponentially with upscale movement from level 7 (unconsciousness) to level 1 (enthusiasm/love).

At the top of each level is the access point to that level of love, which is accessible to transmute all beneath it.

More on Emotion- Qualities, Patterns and Resonance of the Emotional Centers- 7×7

  • Level 1~ Love-  Enthusiasm & Creativity

Resonates at level 1-1 Unconditional Love.

Accessible at the top of all 7 levels, with the power to transmute all levels of emotion beneath it.

  Corresponds/resonates with the pineal gland

  • Level 2~ Emotional Pain~ Unifying consciousness within the mental body.

  See/feel multidimensional viewpoints.

   Corresponds/resonates with the pituitary gland

  • Level 3~ Anger~ Truth

Power and control of self.

  Corresponding with the thyroid/parathyroid glands

  • Level 4~ Fear~ Freedom

Becoming aware of choice. Security minded.

Corresponds with the heart/thymus

  • Level 5~ Grief~ Joy

Feeling of loss/victimization- ‘why me’.   Corresponds with the pancreas/adrenals

  • Level 6~ Apathy~ Compassion

The feeling of ‘who cares’.

Corresponding with the spleen

  • Level 7~ Unconsciousness~ Self Awareness


black/white, right/wrong, all or nothing, good/evil

Corresponding with the gonads (testes in male, ovaries in female)

Recognize patterns of behavior as related to the emotional qualities.

As transmutation occurs, energy pathways are opened, making a flow of upward energy within the body.

This is wholistic transcendence.

Emotional Transmutation 101

  • Choose a private environment.
  • Sit or lay with the spine straight.
  • Breathe deeply and evenly without pause.
  • Remain perfectly still.
  • Welcome the emotional energy.
  • Take whatever you find and work with that.
  •  Do not involve others, blame or project upon anyone or anything- overtly or covertly (silently).
  • Be willing to intensify the feeling and allow it to last as long as it needs to be felt.
  • Now feel the emotion with Love. If you cannot access Love, feel with forgiveness for self and/or others. If you cannot access Forgiveness, feel with Gratitude. If you cannot access any of the three powers, feel how you feel about the emotion. For example, you may feel ashamed of the anger, afraid of the pain, so feel that, see if you can love that, forgive that, be grateful for that. It will unravel in this way back to the core emotion, where you will again have the opportunity to feel with Love, Forgiveness and Gratitude.
  • Attachment to outcome such as why, how, when, what distracts the process. Justification sidetracks the inner process.
  • Be alert to expectations, doubt, disappointment, etc., transmuting as they arise. When emotional pain is accessed and transmuted with some degree of enthusiasm/love, we access the mental body at that level of progression. At this specific level we begin to see ‘both’ sides of a resisted duality. This is considered entering the mental body. The word pattern and memory are present here.
  • Bring the three creative energies together simultaneously, release with forgiveness, love and gratitude. This is full emotional transmutation.
  • This requires perseverance.
  • The further up we go on the emotional scale, the more expanded the awareness. Especially of the mental body where thought patterns are born, judged and resisted.
  • Here is where meditation and exercise in focused concentration becomes increasingly important. As we move emotionally upscale, we become increasingly sensitive, and aware.
  • It is prudent at these times of expansion to not resist.
  • As the scales fall from the pineal, natural intuition comes forth. This is felt seen and heard as clairvoyance, clairaudience and omniscience.
  • Enjoy it.

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