Emotional Transmutation

Principle- What we resist persists.

When we hold a thought pattern attached to one side of a duality to the opposition or exclusion to the other, we create and hold resistance to both sides. Some are very virtuous which lends itself to justification which cement the pattern further.

These thought patterns, beliefs, attachments create emotion.

In Body Electronics the emotional construct assists us in the navigation upward through the transmutation (evolutionary) process.

It has 49 levels. 7 main levels. Within these levels are nested all 7. 7x7

Study this further here. Emotion- Doorways to Change

In wholistic evolution, the physical holds the foundation providing increased opportunity for emotion to surface. From here we learn the Art (flow) and Science (methodology) of Transmutation (change).

There are 3 POWERFUL energies, when applied within emotion, transmutes resistance. This allows the recycling of disharmonious energies, by their release. This release clears the energetic and cellular structure. What remains is awareness of the higher frequencies revealed.

I call these energies The Three Powers.

Forgiveness Gratitude Love

Much to contemplate within the pink links.

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