For the next 43 Days we move through a process of letting go of that which suppresses; physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

This is not a classic food fast.

Within consciousness change we naturally refine what enters the body, by being increasingly aware.

The following booklet contains more information on many of the topics within the Wholistic Fast. Feel free to print.

You make every decision for your body.

Self initiating, self responsible.

This Fast increasingly encourages detoxification and revitalization through the encouragement of the Healing Crisis.

Do so at your own pace. Each person is at a different level wholistically.

The pink highlights throughout the Fast, gives deeper perspective.

Wholistic ascension begins from the physical level.


Find quality spring water.

Drink a minimum of one half the body’s weight in ounces each day.

The Bodies Many Cries For Water is a good resource for understanding hydration.

Adding lemons to our water helps to alkalize and detoxify.

One of the physical focuses of this fast, is the removal of acidic food and drink from the diet, bringing the pH (power of hydrogen) consistently to 7.2- 7.4. This is optimal according to Dr. Robert Young. A pinch of good quality baking soda quickly assists in alkalization.

Get some pH test strips (Prairie Natural’s makes them in Canada) and monitor your first urination daily.

May enthusiasm flourish as we initiate change.

On the 7 Direction Medicine Wheel the physical is the South Direction. Flat Cedar is the medicine to offer here.

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