So we begin.

Below is a book I wrote that is sold on amazon. I give it now freely as I do not shop from that platform. Permission to print granted.

The pink highlights throughout this Fast offers a deeper perspective.

This Wholistic Fast is for accessing and processing consciousness change.

It is 43 days in total.

Wholistic ascension begins from the physical.

On the Medicine Wheel this is the South Direction. First we honour our foundation, Earth.

Flat Cedar is the smudge in this direction.


Find the best quality spring water, bless it with your Love and Gratitude.

Drink a minimum of one half the body’s weight in ounces each day. Read more in The Bodies Many Cries For Water.

Lemon alkalizes. One of the physical focuses is on the removal of acidic food and drink from the diet. Get some pH test strips and monitor your first urination daily.

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