Let’s take a look at spirituality from a wholistic perspective. Consider the physical principles of stillness, breath and nutrition (among other things) are springboards to emotion. Emotional transmutation a ladder of evolution that clears away the dust of the soul allowing for awareness. This awareness may be seen as the mental body where dualistic creation resides and the resistance patterns developed through judgement (seeing one side to the exclusion of the other). From here the higher principles of light are applied. When the mental body (electromagnetic flow) comes into natural harmony, the spiritual aspects of life come more and more clear. This is a simple construct that takes time and application. As much as we wish things to be so- we must first clear the pathways from the inside out. This is how creation is- from the inside out. Consciousness into time and space. It is a wonderous journey of Love. I continue to repeat this in an effort to inspire the ‘work’ required for true evolution of consciousness.  I am willing to teach a Body Electronics Intensive in 2018 if there are 20 or more willing and prepared participants. See Body Electronics Preparations post for details, readings, videos and more.

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