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Inspirations from Salt Spring Island, B.C.

May 30, 2015

Self Actualization is the free self, the transmuted, the wholistically realized. This is the internal knowing, intuition in action.IMG_7866

May 28, 2015

When we moisten the soil with our tears of self forgiveness..the light breaks free.

 March 13, 2015


Raw Protein & Greens- Drink for the road. (for when there is a time constraint or unavailable Sunrise on March 2 022fresh food) Always go organic!

Keep fruit and fruit juices away from protein and green drinks- makes it go acidic in the gut. This picture is my newest concoction- a little goes a long way.

Raw protein ( Garden of Eden) with vanilla/chai for flavour makes this palatable. A teaspoon of chia seeds and a avocado gives it texture. All in the blender with some good quality water.

High quality enzymes to digest and assimilate the proteins properly is always a good idea. Wheat grass powder, ashwaganda, hemp protein, dehydrated beet, hemp hearts & oil are favourite superfood ingredients. 

 March 8, 2015

Rose and Mt Maxwell 074

In wholistic terminology the word ‘Medicine’ may refer to the spiritual energy that is brought through the wholistic process of the mental body-thought (prayer), emotion-love, forgiveness, gratitude and into practical physical applications such as nutrition, herbs, etc.

This is a top down approach applied to wholistic healing. This is best practiced by people who have made their way from the bottom up, clearing the way, so they may be of greater service to them self and others.


February 17, 2015

mt baker from ol divide 004


The world around us is the wholistic process materialized. This may be considered Yin. A collective that humans embark upon, albeit mostly unconsciously. Becoming ever more conscious is a daunting realization.

The ever increasing self responsibility to Love- Be Love in the moments presented.

February 10, 2015

An Island contains and consequently intensifies the energies present. Emotional transmutative work is optimum here for this reason. Some places I have visited and lived, are also energetic containers on the mainland as well. Mount Shasta, Sedona and Machu Picchu are 3 that come to mind. Due to their geological components is my guess.  For example; the well known vortexual energies in and around the area known as Sedona is greatly due to the high iron content of the area. The trees grow in spirals here and there due to this.sedona

The study of ley lines (energy connecters of the Earth) is a fascinating look into the places where energies are concentrated. Often places known for Ceremony, historically spiritual locations such as Stonehenge and the Great Pyramid of Giza, Temples and Cathedrals etc etc. Whatever the reasons for the intensification, sensitives have known these places throughout human history.

Islands such as Salt Spring are geologically unique in so many ways. The spring water that bubbles up here and there is purported to come from Northern glacier water on the mainland. Also, the formation and content of the minerals is important to the vibratory present of a ‘place’. Veins of quarts crystal, swirl beneath also giving rise to the intensification. 


February 7-2015 

Nov 15 new divine 001

Climate change is now a catch phrase. The Earth (the natural laws therein) knows naturally what to do, to reorganize and regenerate. Our bodies are good examples of this, as an extension of Earth, and all that the Earth is. I am reminded of a time when ‘acid rain’ had killed everything in many Northern Lakes of Ontario Canada. Science claimed that it would take thousands of years for life to begin again in these ‘dead’ Lakes. Yet, low and behold, in less than 5 years they were teaming with renewed life. Regeneration is natural, even when the degeneration is less than. 

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