Visualization and Consciousness was a process Body Electronics Instructor’s went through if they chose the opportunity. It was developed by the late John Whitman Ray to take people into an independent process whereby pointholding was made unnecessary (disciplines that bring forth resistance). Here is a short story of a V&C that took place in Pennsylvania in 2005. 

There were 13 participants, from around the world, from England, Australia, New Zealand, Canada etc.  Doug Morrison held and instructed the event as well as stepped in to be the 14th in the exercises that required 2 people. We began on the first morning with a 3 hour sitting (on the very edge of a chair with spine straight) discipline, with a partner with which we starred into each others eyes without blinking. Yes, its possible. About an hour in, from our peripheral vision a full 5 gallon square water bottle jumped and landed next to where Jim Graham and I moved through the building energy. We saw ourselves in each other as animals, past life experiences…etc. Sometimes the visions were so fast, flashing one after an other…surrender was inevitable. This was but the beginning. As the weeks went on we entered into 6 hour standing (without movement) and more. I have written more on Zero Ohms Resistance and other experiences of the V&C. I contemplate this on the final day of 2018, as we enter into what could be a pivotal year for the planet, and its inhabitants.I chuckle when i look back on these pictures. Doug had bought a bunch of pumpkin buckets for when we needed to barf. To this gang where ever you are now, may you be truly blessed for your efforts in changing consciousness.

May we surrender to the inner teacher, for the soft and gentle unfolding of the new earth.

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