Unconsciousness in the practice of Body Electronics is level 7 on the scale of emotion. The hallmarks of expressions of unconsciousness is extremes. All or nothing mentality. Duality is at its farthest separation/judgement. Programmed behavior persists.

Suppressed emotion is stored in unconsciousness. This is experience that we once resisted, trauma.

When we take on the task of becoming aware of suppressed memory/emotion/word patterns, for the purpose of removal (transmutation), awareness of the trauma begins to surface.

This is often first felt as numbness in the body with fogginess of the mind.

Inner vision is clouded.

Feel what surfaces here, it is important to move this layer. Feel how much you can love how the numbness feels. Feel how much you can love not knowing, not feeling, not seeing.

We gain unconsciousness through anesthesia, alcohol, drug use, addictive behaviour etc. which in essence are the results of resisted experience- trauma.

Programs of ‘God’ become increasingly observed as we unlock and release unconscious programs. Remember unconsciousness is at the bottom of each emotional level. 7×7

As we take personal responsibility for the removal of programs (unconscious repetition), we move into ever greater awareness.

Personal freedom, freedom of choice, conscious awareness (ever increasing) is reliant upon the removal of unconscious programs.

Fogginess lifts as we practice the principles of transmutation.

Level 6, which is the next upscale movement within the emotional body is apathy.

Follow the same protocol, see how much you can love how it feels to not care. This releases the resistance keeping these patterns of emotion locked in.

Feel what we feel (however uncomfortable), with love, gratitude, forgiveness.

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