What are truth principles?

Why are they important?

Truth principles is a general broad term open to interpretations of all kinds.

For The Gnostic Way work, here is some defining and clarifications.

The intent and focus of this work is to clear pathways for love, freedom, beauty, joy, trust, truth..within an evolutionary process.

Focusing on editing internally, while maintaining the effects externally.

By internally, I am speaking of consciousness of mind and emotion, fueled by spirit.

These are complex energies, rendered into words.

We know from ancient teachings and experience that the evolutionary process begins with the physical form. By providing or withholding what the physical requires for hormonal and cellular regeneration, we set the foundation for rapid change in consciousness. The physical action cannot be overlooked, yet remains a small percentage of the wholistic attention.

From willingness, we move forward to begin or continue the transmutation process of the emotional body. The principles here are what I call ‘The Three Powers“.

  • LOVE

We access one or more of these powers and apply the energies when emotion arises. What is left after the transmutation process comes into natural harmony. This is an ever continuing process.

After much efforts in releasing traumas, resentments, hatred, fears, griefs, apathy, pain, unconsciousness, angers, we begin to see the dualistic mental body. The principles here are:

  • Unconditional Love
  • Light, Violet Fire that comes through as the Pineal opens.

This is also an ongoing process of inner change. Here we see how we create and uncreate. Our inner vision is expanded into the knowingness of Spirit.

Clarity of intuition is restored.

Inspirations and unseen assistance is in bounty.

Life simplifies, beauty abounds, inspired creativity in service to the whole becomes more and more focused.

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