As a small child, from about 5-7 years of age I experienced a series of events that was to shape my life. It would begin in a particular place in our family home. A buzzing sound and feeling would begin in the center of my body. In the heart chakra. It is the electromagnetic torroidal movement in the center of the chest, that feeds the energetic connection with the lower field of the gonads, and the higher of the brain (which includes the endocrine glands of each). Beyond this it connects us all with all life everywhere everywhen.

This sound and feeling would increase over a couple of minutes spreading throughout the body and then extending outside of the body with overwhelming encompassment of sound. With this I was aware of an area that produced a vacuum that literally effected my physicality. It would reach a maximum capacity at which time it would pop into what I now know as a other dimensional space. There was great silence. Beings of great love gave me instructions for my life. I was not a small child in consciousness in these moments.

In this space there was no past, present or future. It transcended the earthly light spectrum, expanding the fluidity of what we call time.

Drunvalo Melchizedek and I met in 2004. Here I had great awakenings of Melchizedek consciousness. The gate keepers of the dimensional portals.

Be connected internally for the changes.

Art by Kahlil Gibran- Author of The Prophet

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