The teaching that came today is; ‘things’ may look the same yet be entirely different. We see this more and more as we progress on the scale of emotions (7×7). When ‘things’ become paradoxical, we are seeing in more than one way. An example of this is: intent vs. goals. Intent is within consciousness as a decision (choice) made visualization which is set in present tense.  Intent in it’s perfection is without judgement or expectation. Action is sometimes required. By paying close attention to surroundings, we may be shown how, when and where to respond appropriately to support the intent. Goals are often fraught with expectation. This impedes energy creating a loop of trying. The Flower of Life (in its 3D form) is a visual example of the geometric patterns of third dimensional reality. This matrix of creation contains natural law of physical reality. By understanding the five platonic solids and how they nest to create water, air, earth, fire and aether, we gain a broader reality from which to interface in this earthly realm.

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