What is ‘resistance’? In the context of Body  Electronics it may be simply defined as ‘anything less than unconditional love’. The resistance that exists in consciousness (inner yang), is the focus of transmutation. We bring this to the awareness to ORRR. This B.E. anagram means;

1. Observe- the willingness to feel (emotion), hear (word pattern) and see (thought/memory) the resistance. This is practiced while ‘on the table’ when attending a B.E. Pointholding Intensive held by Certified Instructor’s.

2. Receive- the willingness to take inner action to  work with the above patterns.

3. Re-experience- Experiencing the once resisted sensory memory/emotion/word pattern in the body, in the the everpresent now while applying the principles of transmutation (change).

4. Release- Allowing the once suppressed resistance to leave the body/mind/emotion through the application of the laws of Love, Light and Perfection as taught in the field of Body Electronics.

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