Today’s Teaching with Illia Heart

The Wholistic Model for Revitalization-

 Each moment presents opportunity for the actualization of the ever continuous evolutionary flow. The Yin/Yang model of the electromagnetic spectrum flowing in a spherical torroidal movement represents this perfectly. As we apply principles according to the wholistic design, we may move quickly in a evolutionary way. The great purpose for people of earth. Wholism is a very simple format of living, yet needs continued application. We begin with the physical principles of breath, stillness and nutrients. This moves us into the emotional body. Body Electronics is an efficient way to move through held trauma. When enough resistance has been cleared, we access the mental body gaining powerful inner visualization. Life flows  from the inside out, moving through the individual consciousness via the torroidal electromagnetic spectrum of light, and made manifest in the outer environment. Gaining conscious awareness of this, and applying principles of Love, allow for rapid evolutionary progress. I call this the universal fail safe.


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