Fear to Anger to Pain

When we reach the level of fear either through conscious effort, or external pressure we discover crossroads to higher emotion. At this level the usual response is security consciousness. Others may venture on in an uncomfortable yet inevitable evolutionary leap. This leap send us into fearful anger, then fearful pain. When we manage enough surrender into the three powers, we will come into the level of anger. First with unconscious anger..apathetic…griefy..fearful…angry anger..a little rage surfaces here, then on to painful anger where we get the first true looks at how we created in dualistic thought. Again, with an increased amount of surrender we soar into our pain. The good news is, this is where the pineal opens, and remains open as long as enthusiastic love is maintained. When enough pain has been transmuted (this takes some efforts), we fully surrender into enthusiasm. Again all 7 levels….at this level though we have mastered enough loving, forgiving, and grateful surrender that it comes naturally, with much less effort required.

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