What is the heart’s desire in its multitudinous layers and levels?

1. To be in alignment with natural law.

2. Conservationism. Conscious use of what we require for healthy sustainability.

3. Inclusion. Seeing the effects of actions to the whole. Both to the whole of the body, to the whole of the family. To the whole of the community. To the whole of the extension of this.

4. To be freely expressed in thought, deed and word. Love

5. There is several layers to the ‘heart’. At its center is the connection of ‘all that is’.

The heart center is known to have the strongest electromagnetic torroidal field in the human body. It is a nesting of layers of energy. Clearing emotional energy may be the first process around the heart center. The physical heart is the first part to grow in our mothers womb. The electromagnetic surge into physical reality.

So we know the ‘heart’ to be important to the molecular structure of the human experience. Moving into ‘heart’ is not an all or nothing pursuit..it is an ongoing active internal and external development with its roots in change.

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