2021 Pointholding Intensives in Canada

The Gnostic Way is a registered religious organization. I did this to assist members who choose bodily autonomy.

Body Electronics is one leg of The Gnostic Way. This is a wholistic self healing modality, practiced through the study and application of principles- natural law. 

Physical, Emotional, Mental,  and Spiritual.   

Preparations for an Intensive: 

Study the written material in How We Heal (in print), Logic In Sequence (gifted below) and The Gnostic Way (PDF BELOW).

Prepare physically and nutritionally.

This includes releasing substance that inhibits awareness by causing suppression (physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually), such as caffeine, alcohol, recreational drugs, sugars to name a few.

Nutrient saturation directly effects the quality and quantity of the regenerative process. This may be implemented as soon as possible prior to a Pointholding event. 

The Gnostic Way is a deep well of study and practice that requires a broad understanding of wholistic principles with deep commitment for self healing, self initiation and self responsibility.
During an Intensive sustained acupressure is equally given and received. Sequential points are held to stimulate the surfacing of memory, emotion and word patterns that lay dormant in the unconscious.

This is an ancient practice.

Illia gives daily lecture, in between table work.


An excerpt from Logic In Sequence, Book 1-  John Whitman Ray, Founder of Body Electronics. In Body Electronics we describe guidelines to Higher Consciousness principles or laws. As seen in John Ray’s writings;

Logic In Sequence Book 1:

“Treat fame and disgrace with the same degree of joy. Accept victory and defeat with equal delight. Embrace poverty and fortune with impartial dignity. See all experiences as an expression of duality, and thus encompass. Recognize that all outer conditions are the yin creation of a yang inner essence. Understand that all outer experience is to be willingly and lovingly endured as a first step in the transmutation process.”

Logic in Sequence Book 1 – Dr John Whitman Ray

Logic in Sequence Book 3 – Dr John Whitman Ray

 YouTube- The Gnostic Way

  To Whom It May Concern;
 Illia began studying Body Electronics with great dedication in 1999. Attending a BE seminar with me in January 2002 began several years of intensive study and practice. Illia attended over fifty weeks of BE seminars with me. This included attendance at two complete B.E. Instructors seminars of five weeks duration each, as well as numerous B.E. Intensives. At my invitation, Illia has also helped me teach several BE Intensives. At these, Illia did a fine job, both with the lecture portion as well as the pointholding. Illia has also been active for the past few years teaching B.E. seminars to enthusiastic participants in her native country, Canada.
Illia also attended the four week Visualization & Consciousness seminar in 2005.]While in attendance at this advanced seminar, Illia had the experience of reaching zero ohms resistance, as measured by a sensitive galvanometer, a total of four times. This took place over two days, and was witnessed by two separate facilitators. This is a significant milestone that has, to my knowledge, been reached by only a handful of people involved with B.E. over the years. For those interested in learning Body Electronics under the expert guidance of a dedicated and compassionate instructor, allow me to highly recommend that you study with Illia.

Yours in Health,

Douglas W. Morrison-  New Cumberland, Pennsylvania, October 1, 2006-  Author of How We Heal

When resistance (anything less than unconditional love) is released from consciousness (thought-word-emotion) the result (effect) is natural harmony. This is the practice of Body Electronics. What we do in preparation and continued application fuels and facilitates this evolutionary process. Illia~

Note from participants~

 “The Body Electronics Intensive with Illia was a great experience and it was worth traveling around half the Globe for that…Body Electronics is an amazing technique that powerfully unlocks your souls potential and brings  health along as a gift. It was an amazing week of fun and hard work, its not an easy way but it is definitely one of the most powerful, Transformative and Holistic Systems. Illia guided us with her great, deep knowledge, clarity and structure and a lot of love from her heart. The intensive brought some of the strongest energetic moments I’ve ever felt, and i was allowed to Transform some old, heavy Memories. I was able to notice the physical changes in my spine right away.”

Philipp, 35 from Berlin, Germany-

 “My experiences with Illia Heart and her Instruction of Body Electronics were pivotal points in my journey through emotional, mental, and physical transformation. I attended 2 full B.E. Intensives in Sedona, Arizona with Illia. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to move so much energy with Illia’s conscious guidance. Illia is a powerful, wise woman with great integrity and compassion.  She holds a safe and respectful space for participants to delve into our deepest patterns.  She communicates brilliantly, explaining the work we are doing on all levels.  Illia speaks to mind and body, intellect and intuition, so that we can integrate our healing experience wholistically and understand what is happening within us throughout the process.  I am so grateful to have had such profound healing and evolutionary experiences with Illia Heart.  I highly value and recommend her Body Electronics Intensives.”  Grace Totherow~

I was given the inspiration to remove all dollar amounts from my work. It is entirely up to each individual to decide what to give. I suggest deciding this following an Intensive and/or Individual Session.

The Gnostic Way.

Preparations for the Intensives are given in Private Sessions & Video Tutorials.

The information on this website-  any verbal or written material by Illia , video, audio, in person or online, in print or verbal is in no way intended to treat, nor to diagnose, cure or prescribe. Consult your medical professionals prior to making change.

“I have merged principles and practices of Body Electronics with Ayurveda along with Oral Teachings from Elders to create a powerfully unique, wholistic self healing process.

This is my life’s work.” Illia (Brief Bio)

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