The Gnostic Way is community committed to personal freedom. Freedom to follow our conscience and bodily autonomy. Freedom to travel and move freely within our country of Canada, freedom to choose medical treatment. Freedom of spiritual belief, practice and worship.

Gnosis means knowing. This knowing comes from within (consciousness).

We continue to deepen our awareness of inner gnosis through physical principles (right action), and transmutation (consciousness change).

In this way we develop an openness to deepening spiritual awareness.

We equate this ever increasing awareness with freedom.

Personal freedom leads to healthy community.

Physically, Emotionally, Mentally and Spiritually.

Applied principles through the work of Body Electronics, we continue to rise in greater awareness of love.

Evolution of consciousness is a continuous process of transmuting resistance (anything less than love). By the consistent release of resistance, we perpetuate consciousness change.

From here life flourishes with creativity, inspiration, compassion, grace and love.

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