Contemplating 2020. Personal Wellness Retreats, Acupressure Sessions, Courses, Online Sessions.

Starting with 4 Discourses:

For wholistic health practitioners, as well as individuals committed to the inner journey of evolution.

Introducing The Gnostic Way

1. SAT- January 25- 1-3, What is transmutation.

2. SAT- February 22nd- 1-3, Mind Body Connection.

3 Sunday- April 19- 1-3, The Three Powers.

4. Sunday- May 30-1-3, Intro to Acupressure/ Trauma

Tucson teachingIllia in the desert.

Jane Brown ( B.E. Mentor) and Illia in Harrisburg PA- 2005

 Jane passed on in 2013- she was 93.
jane and illia

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