There is an profound book written on the electrification of matter, by Dr. John Whitman Ray. This book is the third in a series called Logic In Sequence. All three are gifted here. They are to be read in order. Here are quotes from this book.

“The moment we withdraw our attention, the entire condition begins to evolve in a state of dissolution.”  JWR  Here i will add; as long as we are withdrawing consciously in a state of unconditional love, forgiveness and gratitude.

“The outer manifestation is one and the same as the inner creation, as one cannot exist without the other.” JWR.

This is shown in the electromagnetic sphere of the Yin/Yang moving torroidal field. Yang is the inner essence of creation, Yin being the outer manifestation. Mostly humanity creates unconsciously.

The study of the work of Body Electronics as taught by only a few is vast.


As a Body Electronics Instructor of nearing 20 years, I am teaching a culmination of my life’s work that I call The Gnostic Way.

Truth principles, sustained acupressure and wholistic evolution found in B.E. is also found in TGW. I have changed some of the language, and merged complimentary teachings that have been given to me to share.

Kriya Yoga

Sacred Space of the Heart

Wisdom of the Earth

Body Electronics

The combination of these teachings provide the practices for regenerative, evolutionary movement of consciousness.

This is my life’s work.

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