Surrender is a feeling. This feeling is a choice. It is in direct relation to the level on the scale of emotion. For example, if one is in apathy the surrender will seem fleeting and weak. In fear the surrender begins to amp up. Here we may experience the stronger effects of the act of surrender. The willingness to feel the power of surrender, along with the three main physical principles practiced in The Gnostic Way ( nutrient saturation, stillness, breath) can be a powerful experience of transmutation. It may be physically felt moving through (and around) the body. By the time one comes to anger and pain, surrender has become common place. Emotional upscale movement requires it. It is an important action during the encompassment of the memory/ emotion/ word pattern process. Surrender is a true wholistic act as it involves the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects.

Make it happen/let it happen- Surrender lies in both sides of the duality. In physical terms, look at being perfectly still. This requires a surrender to stillness, the act of stillness. Make it happen/let it happen. Breathing- surrender to letting it happen, while making it deep without pause (making it happen). Making surrender conscious while allowing its grace is the choice.

Practice the act of surrender during the transmutation process and observe rapid upscale movement through places that were once wrought in stagnation.

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