Higher and lower law- application of law.

On the 10 steps to ‘perfection'(natural law without resistance). originally written by JWR, edited by Illia-  from  The Body Electronics Experience.

The second step to perfection is to
appropriately apply natural law, carefully moving from the appropriate
application of the lower laws to higher laws.
Responsibility is the obtaining of the law and then coming to the understanding
of the law by maintaining the law through application.
The application of law through faith is known as
virtue. Virtue is faithfully being obedient to the law
from which one derives knowledge.
The third step to perfection is to come to the understanding of the law through
application, which results in knowledge.
Knowledge can only come from experience.
Knowledge cannot be bought as an intellectual curiosity in the market place but
must be earned through the assiduous application of natural law.
Knowledge can only be obtained through faithful
compliance with the law.
The fourth step to perfection is
understanding that there are higher and lower laws and understanding when to
apply them to oneself and to others. This is known as temperance. Wisdom
dictates when one obeys a lower law or a higher law.
Whenever a higher law is obeyed it necessitates breaking a lower law with the
corresponding penalty for breaking a lower law. A lower law should never be
broken unless it is “covered” by obedience to a higher law.
Temperance, then, is wisdom self applied to a given condition
demanding attention resulting in choices or alternatives of solution.
Being ‘present'(where ever we are on the scale of emotion dictates this), to receive- perceive with ability to respond appropriately. Each moment is different as is each response. By following higher law- without the presence of resistance dictating our response, we act accordingly in each present moment.   Illia

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