As described in the Veda’s, we are shown these three qualities called Gunas.

Let’s look at them wholistically.

Tamasic can be described as slowing, suppressing.

Rajasic energy is stimulating, activating.

Sattvic is purifying, uplifting.

Let’s apply this to the physical level with nutrition.

Attitude is important! Gratitude.

Organic, non gmo, well grown and harvested is imperative in the modern world.

Most fish have been contaminated and should be chosen carefully, or avoided entirely.

Wheat, corn, soy are to be avoided.

One’s dosha is considered in food choices.

For a easily understood foundation to these principles and practices see;

Ayurveda The Science of Self Healing by Vasant Lad

A wonderful cookbook is The Healing Quisine by Harish Johari.

After over 25 years of practice in the wisdom of Ayurveda I see the necessity of all three gunas.

To demonize one, or to glorify another is to reject the interconnectedness of life.

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