In an impromptu conversation in the parking lot of the grocery store here on Salt Spring Island, the topic of surrender came up. I listened to my response, to the question ‘how do I surrender?’.

Surrender is a force, I said. The mind can not surrender, but it can choose to relax and allow. Removing the resistance of the mind, and its subsequent emotion makes way for surrender. In my experiences with surrender, I was shown that the perfect amount for the situation was provided. Allowing it to be present was the activator. Surrender is a force. An energy that moves incoherent imbalanced electromagnetics into harmony.

To move our awareness to the central torroidal field in the body, requires many intense moments of surrender, until it is a natural way of being. Letting go of the minds control. We have three intersecting electromagnetic fields in the body that are connected to the earth and the sun. The gonads, the brain and the heart.

Trying to surrender with the mind is a futile exercise. It is like trying not to have thoughts or emotions when meditating.

Surrender to the grace of the creator.

Surrender to Love.

Art by Kahlil Gibran, author of The Prophet

2 Replies to “Surrender Is A Force”

  1. Thank you Ilia for your teachings.

    Could it be that in surrender we could even harmonize the supposedly harmful electromagnetics of say 5G (1,2,3,4G included) ? The thought just occurred to me as I read your post.



    1. The wholistic construct allows us to organize the basic levels of human consciousness, with the physical level as foundation. As we become increasingly aware, we notice more external influences. By practicing compassionate love, we transmute the effects of external influence to some degree. Concentrating the focus on internal non resistance, removes mental/emotional focus on the external. We may use ‘harmful’ influences and impetus for consciousness change. What we resist, persists…as Jung stated. This reminder helps me along the path to recognize where the focus needs redirection.

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