Aquamarine- Each piece is $15 CA
Polished Garnet- $30 + shipping, fits nicely into a Deer Hide Medicine Bag $15 or 2/$20
Pink Tourmaline in Feldspar- $77 + $20 Shipping

 Stone Medicine has been created to assist people on their path of wholistic healing- physical, emotional, mental & spiritual. And to remember the connection with Earth and all inhabitants. The Stone’s give us a link to the history of Earth, each one offering a unique gift. I suggest following your intuition in regards to which one & when each Stone may assist you personally on your journey. If you feel to purchase click on the pic and it will direct you to Paypal. All Stone’s have a $10 shipping charge within Canada unless otherwise specified. 

Feel free to contact Illia directly @

Deep Dark Smokey Quartz Point
Moroccan Ammonite- $40 CA + $10 shipping within Canada.
American Fluorite- $55 CA
Ancient Being- Morocco $35 CA
Tigereye Sphere- $77 CA
Rich Amethyst Geode- $77 CA + $20 shipping within Canada
Large Green Apopholite- $220 CA + $30 shipping.
Lapis Lazuli- $110 CA + $20 Shipping
African Malachite- $110 CA + $20 shipping
Large Quartz Point- $220 CA + $20 Shipping

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